CTE Fees and Policies




If there is a question or challenge of a policy by the student, it should be forwarded to the Program Administrator and the CTE Advisory Board (PEAC) for review.


Course waivers are discussed as part of the Introduction to CTE class. For details on courses which can be waived and the documentation requirements, please see Waiving Requirements.


The CTE program, comprised of non-credit classes, does not issue a class grade of incomplete.

Should a student enrolled in one of the non-credit CTE classes at South Seattle College fail to attain the required course outcomes/competencies, the instructor may indicate that person did not pass and will need to retake the class in order to receive a passing grade. The decision of whether or not a student satisfactorily completes a given class and its required competencies rests solely with the professional judgment of the course instructor.

If a CTE class has any scheduled, mandatory in-person meetings, attendance for all scheduled in-person meeting hours is required to complete the class competencies. If any meeting time is missed, the student will not pass, and will need to retake the course. All dates and times of any scheduled, mandatory in-person meetings will be provided to the student prior to registration.

Note: Instructors are compensated on the basis of the total number of enrolled students in a class and are not obligated to work with a student who does not satisfactorily complete the course work and demonstrate the required course competencies within the scheduled class dates. If an instructor is willing to accept late work, an “Extra CTE Time” fee, paid to the Continuing Education Department, will be required.

Retaking a CTE Class

Students who fail to complete a CTE class on time will need to retake that class until all requirements are satisfactorily met. To retake a class, a “retake” fee, paid to the Continuing Education Department, will be required.


If South Seattle College cancels a class, each registered student will receive a 100% refund.

If a registered student:

  • Withdraws two (2) business days before the first day of class, they will be issued a 100% refund less a $6 processing fee.
  • Withdraws less than two (2) business days before the first day of class, there is no refund.
  • Withdraws after the scheduled start date of a class, there is no refund.
  • Fails to appear in class, there is no refund.

CTE students taking an online class in Canvas are given a four-day grace period to review the procedures for the online classroom and the course syllabus. It the student feels they will not have the capacity complete the class, they may request in writing, during the four day grace period from the day the class officially started, to drop the class for a refund less the $6 administrative fee.

ADA/Special Accommodations

If a student believes they qualify for class adaptations or accommodations under the ADA, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the Disability Support Services Officer at South Seattle College and provide the appropriate documentation. If the student has already documented a disability or other conditions which qualify them for accommodation or if they have emergency medical information or special needs, please notify the instructor during the first week of class, notify the CTE Program Administrator, or contact Access Services at South Seattle College by phone (206-934-5137), in person (Robert Smith Building, RSB Room 120), or online at www.southseattle.edu/access-services.