CTE Classes and Schedules

Sequence Course Name Notes
Starting Course - Introduction to CTE  
Fundamental CTE
Teaching Courses
- Classroom Management
- CTE Organization & Curriculum Design
- Teaching Strategies
* Experienced, certificated teachers may be able to waive these 3 courses. More information on Waiving Policies.
Core CTE Teaching Courses - CTE History & Philosophy
- CTE Student & Personal Leadership
- Advanced CTE Strategies
- Legal Issues: Rights and Responsibilities
- CTE Classroom Assessment & Evaluation
- Educational Technology for CTE
- Program Development: Implementing CTE Standards
* Experienced, certificated teachers take "Program Development: Implementing CTE Standards" in lieu of these 2 courses: "CTE Classroom Assessment & Evaluation" and "Educational Technology for CTE"
Culminating Course - Practicum/Field Study Must have successfully completed all courses. With permission, may be taken simultaneously with Advanced CTE Strategies
Optional Course/
Additional Certification
- Work-Based Learning
- Coordination Techniques