Emergency Procedures

What to do if you get sick, your car breaks down, it snows or you are somehow unable to make it to class...

DURING office hours

Please give our office as much advance notice as possible in order that we can notify students, put a sign on the classroom door and arrange a make-up session for the missed class. Call the Continuing Education line at 206-934-5339 (save this number in your phone). Alternately, you can email the Continuing Education office at cedstaff@seattlecolleges.edu, if you are cancelling with ample time.

AFTER office hours

If it is outside of office hours -  say your class starts at 7 p.m., and you're waylaid at 6 p.m. – call Security  at 206-235-0911 (save this number in your phone, too) and ask them to put a sign on the door notifying students that class is cancelled. 

Security Office

Here is a link to the Security Office on SOUTH's Campus.

In case of Emergency: 206-235-0911


LOCATIONS of AEDs on campus

this is a link to where AEDs are located on SOUTH's Campus.

locations of AED on SOUTHs campus

School Closures

Though it rarely happens, we occasionally experience closures due to weather. We will do our best to make our instructors and students aware of the closure as soon as we can. However, please use the many tools available to stay informed. Also, know that South might cancel classes even if there is no snow where you live. To check for South Seattle College campus closure announcements, please visit the homepage.

  • Sign up for SeattleCollegesAlerts system, an automated system that sends texts, phone calls or emails (your choice: visit: https://www.getrave.com/login/seattlecolleges) in real time, as soon as the decision has been made. Once you’ve enrolled, simply check your e-mail and/or cell phone for a message from the Campus Alert system. 
  • The main college phone number at 206-934-5300 for a recorded message (Bear in mind that you're likely to get a busy signal as many people call in at the same time.) 
  • Local television and radio stations and Web sites 

Occasionally, the Continuing Education department will make different closure decisions than the College. So, if the conditions seem poor but South Seattle College is not announced as closed, please call us at 206-934-5339 to speak with us or listen to a recorded message.

In the event that we must cancel sessions due to weather or other emergency-related events beyond our control, we’ll make every effort to accommodate students. However, we cannot guarantee makeup hours for classes cancelled as a result or provide refunds.