In the Classroom

Using Instructor Computer and Data Projector in Classroom

We will provide you a sign-in and password at the start of every quarter so that you can login to the instructor's computer in every classroom on campus.

  1. Turn on and log into the instructor computer with the Continuing Ed username and password
  2. Turn on data projector using the remote control
  3. Turn on digital visualizer (this is the red lamp-like visual projector that sits on the desk near the instructor's computer); make sure it is set to display PC/Computer

If you still cannot get the data projector to display, come to our office or call Information Technology Help Desk at 206-934-5802.

Classroom Etiquette

Please at least 15 minutes before class starts so you are ready to teach on time and plan to stay until the end of your class for any student questions.  

If you have an emergency or illness that keeps you from teaching, please contact our office right away.  We will contact your students and schedule a makeup session for the missed class.

Please leave the classroom in the same configuration (furniture, equipment) in which you find it.  Please report any computer, software or equipment that is not working as soon as possible. If you have a keycard, lock the door when class is over. If you do not, Security will lock it for you.

Class Evaluations

After your class is over, you will hand out evaluations for your students to complete before they leave and returned to you. They always have the option of being anonymous. Please place them in the envelope provided and return the evaluations and roster to the drop box located right outside OLY 130 to the left of the door, under the mailboxes.