School Closures

We’re crossing our fingers that we won’t see another Seattle Snowpocalypse, but let’s talk snow just in case.

To check for South Seattle College campus closure announcements, you may go to:

  • The lead stories sections of the college homepage 
  • Check your e-mail and/or cell phone for a message from the Campus Alert system 
  • The main college phone number at (206) 934-5300 for a recorded message (Bear in mind that you're likely to get a busy signal as many people call in at the same time.) 
  • Local television and radio stations and websites 

Campus Alerts

Is the campus closed? To check how to find weather and other closure information click here. In case of a campus emergency or unplanned closure, sign-up to receive text message and e-mail alerts  here.

If you haven't already registered for the Campus Alert system, simply visit the Campus Alert Web page, sign-in with your SID and PIN numbers and select your preference of how you'd like to receive messages. We use this system to announce all campus emergencies so sign-up today.

Occasionally, the Continuing Education department will make more conservative closure decisions than the College. So, if the conditions seem poor but South Seattle College is not announced as closed, please call us at 206-934-5339 to speak with us or listen to a recorded message.

In the event that we must cancel sessions due to weather or other emergency-related events beyond our control, we’ll make every effort to accommodate students. However, we cannot guarantee makeup hours for classes cancelled as a result, nor can we provide refunds.