South CE @Seattle Public Library

 Smartphone photography

Smart Phone Photography - A Virtual Workshop

Learn some of the amazing things you can do with your phone camera and how to get the most out of it, at home and while traveling.

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 Person sitting in room with many chairs

Conflict Awareness in the Workplace

Learn how to rise above your initial emotional reaction and turn negative situations into positive outcomes.

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 Yellow sticky notes on a board

Developing Your Leadership Style

Learn how to capitalize on your personal leadership style to achieve workplace goals.

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 Person texting on cell phone

Communication Skills in the Workplace

Identify the four primary communication styles and how to overcome common communication roadblocks and barriers.

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 Mug next to computer

Team Building for Success

Interactive course to develop your skills to collaborate with team members to achieve workplace objectives.

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 Man and woman using video chat

Change Management

Interactive workshop to help you better understand the impact of change and help others navigate through the phases of change.

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 Two women in a meeting

Getting the Most From Your Meetings

Discover why some meetings fail and learn proven techniques for making meetings more productive.

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