Corporate and Customized Training

Seattle Colleges Office of Corporate & Customized Training is the leading edge supplier of customized training for the Seattle region. We serve as a single point of contact for business and industry providing relevant training to upskill your workforce and decrease the talent gap, therefore giving your company a competitive advantage. We deliver customized training on any of our campuses or at your location.

We are here to meet your educational training needs in areas such as LEAN manufacturing, supervision, effective team building, and communication as well as technical areas within business and leadership, information technology, and manufacturing, trade, and industry. With the resources of the Seattle Colleges District at our disposal, we can provide virtually any type of high quality, effective, and efficient educational training.

We start our work by collaborating with you to discover your needs. We can help you leverage our extensive resources and relationships to deliver measurable, repeatable training outcomes for your business. We encourage including communication and leadership skills in all of our workplace training. Our training can be developed to be replicable for future hires, ensuring your workforce stays aligned with company goals.

Our major process touchpoints include:

  • Discovering your training needs
  • Creating customized training solutions
  • Involving key stakeholders in solution review
  • Strategically scaling and delivering your training program

There are funding sources available to help subsidize your training costs. Examples of programs that help offset the cost of training through grants and loans are the Job Skills Program and the Customized Training Program. These programs are offered through the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges.

When you're ready, we can help you get started. 

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Bob Embrey 
Executive Director of Corporate & Customized Training