What is required to obtain initial CTE Certification?

In addition to proving eligibility through occupational experience, CTE teacher candidates must take an approved course of study to fulfill the competency requirements for secondary and middle school CTE teaching. The course of study covers competencies outlined by the WAC and OPSI. Courses have defined learning outcomes which are aligned with the core competencies. See Courses tab for more details.

In addition to occupational experience and core competencies, CTE teacher candidates must be competent in basic skills (reading, writing and math).

How will I be graded?

  • Successful completion of each class requires mastery of specific competencies.
  • Upon successful completion, a student will earn authorized clock hours.
  • At the conclusion of the program, all students are observed (Practicum/Field Experience) in a classroom setting to ensure successful demonstration of WA State CTE competencies.

How many classes may I take per quarter?

  • Each class is the equivalent of a two -three-credit college level class.
  • For the online classes, there will be weekly assignments and a concluding project or test.
  • Students are expected to log on to the course website a minimum of two to three times per week. The online classes are not self-paced.
  • A typical student working full-time routinely takes 1-2 classes per quarter.

How long does the program take?

  • For individuals in the Pathway for Professionals Coming from Business and Industry who are working full-time either in an industry profession or teaching on a conditional certificate, the course of study typically takes two years.
  • For individuals in the Pathway for Experienced Certificated Professionals, the program typically takes five quarters, but many chose to take longer due to other demands from their teaching positions.

Do I need to complete the program before I can obtain a CTE teaching position?

No. A school district which is not able to find a qualified teacher with an initial CTE certification, can hire an individual directly from business or industry to fill a teaching position in a middle or high school. If hired for such a position, you would be placed on a conditional CTE certificate and be expected to begin coursework toward initial CTE certification.

What if I have taken classes at another institution? Will they be accepted?

  • If you have taken courses at another WA State approved CTE Business and Industry Route program, you will need to provide a transcript to the CTE Program Administrator for review. Some courses taught at other B&I programs directly match courses in South’s program, and in some cases the course content doesn’t align.
  • If you have taken other secondary teacher education courses at the college level in a teaching certification program, they may be transferable. Please see Fees and Policies page for waiving policy details and required documentation to be provided to South’s CTE Program Administrator.
  • Typically, requests for waivers are reviewed AFTER enrollment in the Introduction to CTE class.
  • The Practicum/Field Experience will be required of all students in South’s program. If currently teaching a CTE subject, it will take place in the student’s middle or high school classroom.